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Need brakes

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I was wonderin if there is a performance brake kit out there for the mk2s? Or is it just better off stayin with the oem brake setup, cuz im gunna be redoin the rotors and pads....the pads.....again!......i got big plans for the car, and im gunna need a good brakes system to be able to stop my car faster or at least better then it is now.
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Yes and no.....

Yes, there is a brake upgrade kit available.... That's ASSUMING that you plan to permanently upgrade to 16" wheels. Once you do this, there is no going back to the stock 14" wheels.

More information can be found here about it.

If you want to stay stock, stick w/ Brembo OE rotors. As for pads, do a search. Everyone has different opinions on what they prefer (I'll be upgrading to KVR Carbon/Fiber's when this current set of Toyota OE's finally wear out. Will also be doing the same thing on my Silver Slug MKI).
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