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Need help with EPC

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I just installed the toyota EPC but can not get my car to come up at all.
I have tried vin number and model but the only thing i get is the 7mge and the 7mgte. What am i doing wrong?

thanks jeremy
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Look under the model "Celica" then use all the parts labeled "MA61". Only Mk3s and Mk4s are listed under Supra. Don't worry even the Toyota parts guys can't figure this one out sometimes :lol:
I got a 95 EPC Europe version....

I installed it and all that good stuff.... I guess I'm just stupid, but I can't figure out how to get to the pics and print them off, etc...

I guess working in the Toyota parts department didn't help. I did what I used to with the EPC they had and it's just not happening...

where can I get a KNOWN good copy of the EPC? I'd like to have NATO(euro) and US.

i would be interested in a copy also, it seem slike a very handy program.
Never seen or heard of one being avaliable. Even the ones that idiots sell on E-Bay are the European version. The part numbers are mostly the same from what I have seen though.
I had the search going in two threads...

ZZT231 said:
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