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Does anyone know where i can buy an engine for an 82 MK2? I need to do an engine swap ASAP.

Where can i buy one?
What is the average price?
What size is the stock engine?
If i go for an upgrade to a bigger sized engine that's compatible with the MK2, what type of engine would that be?

Well , my car has been giving me crap this past week. It turns out that something was totally screwy with my engine. I officially declare the engine dead!!! Do you think it's possible to buy an engine (used) for under $800? I realy love my car but my dad was convincing me to give it up already. If only I could find an engine for $800, I would keep my car. I have one week to decide, I'm carless and the folks at my work will fire me if I cant get transportation to work. They gave me a whole week off. What should I do?

:) :? :( :cry: (sniff sniff)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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