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Need to vent

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AAAARRRGHH!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I finally got word back for the mechanic (after 2 f$%#$%^#$^#$^n weeks) and it turns out that the engine has rod problems! The reason this really, really, really pisses me off is that this block has about 35k miles on it (it was rebuild about 2 years ago due to, you guessed it, a bent connecting rod). Soooo, needless to say, I'm pissed!!!

On the slightly rational side, about how much is a 6M? (I don't have to patience to deal with search right now; I just found out; I'll probably do that in about 2 hours when I've calmed down). Hears hoping I can find some money (of course this would happen when I'm dead broke!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: )
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J-spec 6MGE 3.0 Engine, direct bolt-in no core charge, with the following new items installed: Oil pump driveshaft seal - Front and rear main seals - Cam seals - Valve cover gaskets - Water pump - Timing belt.

Contact Aaron at about the above 6MGE when the time comes.
Hey Mike, that sounds like a bummer! It's just a good reason to go 6M and you know it though. Still too bad, but drive it into the ground!
You just want my rims, Sam, and you know it. Thanks for the info on the 6M (I've kinda been looking for an excuse to go up to the Seattle area anyway)
AG's work and a 6M ought to be an awesome combo. All he said when he rode in mine was,... Whoa, no turbo lag there!!
If you haven't driven one, drop me a note.

Have fun!
Sparky said:
You just want my rims, Sam, and you know it. Thanks for the info on the 6M (I've kinda been looking for an excuse to go up to the Seattle area anyway)
actually.... no I got myself a set a few weeks ago. Now, when I have time (aka when summer is over), I'm going to clean them up and get new tires. Sounds like you've got your project lined out for you though!
I have a "running core" 5mge in the garage.1 dead hole,head gasket leaks down the ex. side. "probably reason for dead hole" Drove it into the garage to change engines.$150 picked up at my garage.Came from an 84.
Ok, now this is getting interesting :mad:

I've been in school about 40 miles away for the last couple months (college student), so I couldn't really get the details on exactly what happened. Now that I have the time, ggrrrrr!!!! The car had a pretty bad oil leak, so I had to drain the oil out to have it towed (should have just loaded up on oil and drove it to the shop); so it was delivered without an ounce of oil in it (well, maybe an ounce, but less then a quart). Today I asked around, and found at that is exactly how it was WHEN THEY TESTED THE ENGINE FOR KNOCK; NO OIL IN IT AT ALL!!!!! (Sorry, that really, really pisses me off!).

Do I have any legal recourse here with the shop (I mean, really, no shit [pardon my langauge] the engine broke, it had no oil in it), or am I pretty much boned? I have several witnesses to how the car was running a couple days before I dropped it off (and it was not driven after that point), but I doubt that would do any good... :mad: :mad: :mad:

PS, before anyone suggested suing them (it has crossed my mind several times already :twisted: ), the engine was losing some power and had what sounded like a small knock already, so it wasn't mint or anything... so it might not be worth the fight on this...

:mad: :mad: :mad:
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THEY FORGOT OIL??!!-The shop owners name should be Eggface Cranial-Rectum-OH MY GOD :oops:
that is just messed up. What kind of morons work in that shop, sounds kind of like some shops Iv been too over in my area :evil:.

Thats the reason why I work on my own cars :p If I were you I'd try to make them put a 6M in :twisted:
Funny, that's exactly what I was thinking of doing :)
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