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Need Winter tires but have ?????

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I'm looking at getting some winter tires 195/70-14 and mounting them on L-type wheels but have a couple of questions. I would like to use the p-type wheels because they look better then the L-type and I won't have to find a set of L-type wheels to use. I know that a 195/70 won't fit on P-type wheels and still be safe, but I did some research and found that a 195/65-14 will fit on a 7" wide wheel. The max load of the tire is less but what load capacity is still considered safe for the vehicle? A 195/70 also has a lower max load rating but it can be used as an alternate size. Also a 205/70 will fit on the wheel but the overall diameter is 25.6 which is 1" larger than the 225/60. Is that too much of a difference that will cause clearence problems?
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Why destroy a set of P-types for the winter? If you've got 14" L-types mount em (unless you want to keep the L-types pristine for a concours). The load factor isn't that critical on the mk2 unless you have really cheap tires and you plan on moving furniture.

1 - Salt does wonders for aluminum.. NOT. And yes I do know they are clearcoated. But clearcoast doesn't last long in repeated salted winters.
2 - Not being able to clean the salt off because its below freezing too many weeks.
3 - Stretching 195 tires onto 7" wheels defeats the purpose of snow tires. You want to penetrate the snow not surf it.
4 - Remounting tires will eventually destroy the bead.
5 - Taking the time out to remount tires vs. switching the tire/wheels out is more of a hassle.

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by having a separate winter wheel/tire set. :wink:

James R.
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For winter tires, I'm not too particularly fussy about asthetics, esp when it snows & rains allot and the car is going to be filthy dirty for weeks on end. And yes, despite the clear coat on the wheels, salt will do wonders to the aluminum eventually.

As mentioned in another thread, if you're going to stay w/ the 195/70 size, at least mount them on a correct size wheel. They can be either the L-Type wheels, or even the crappy steel wheels from a Celica GT or ST. Just as long as it's something on a 14x5.5" size.

As for myself, I got lucky 12 years ago. Snow tires were becoming VERY SCARCE in 225/60/14's. Got lucky & found a set of Dunlop studded snow tires, but I mounted them on a beater set of P-Type wheels. 70% of the clearcoat is still intact, but the wheel finish has all kinds of scratches/gouges/dings on them. Which is just fine w/ me.

And no, don't expect to find snow tires anymore in 225/60/14's. They are long gone!!!!
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