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I talked to carbotech a couple of days ago and asked them what brake pads they would potentially for our cars. well they reccommended this new compound called bobcat. the guy said that it is a low noise, low dust pad compound that is effective to about 900 degrees farenheit. 119.00 for the front. the rears they said they could make but you'd have to send them the backing plates to do it or they could go out and buy them because he said that 84/85 celica GTS and 82-85 supras are the only cars on the face of the earth that use that style of pad GO TOYOTA! but he said that they could do that for about the same price. I personally feel that the fronts are a little more imporntant then the backs for me at least at this point casue I have serious fading issues.

Just a thought on my hunt for brake pads.
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