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I need to know if anyone knows of a place that has or makes perches to fit the collar. I had the prelude coilover kit waiting to be installed and had the aluminum made into steel so i could weld that instead of finding rings for everythhing to be set on. the reason i need new coil perches is because the prelude coilover kit ones wont fit onto the new made steel ones b/c the teeth on the steel perch are smaller then those on the prelude perch. Help anyone!

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why did you do that? the rings needed are less then $2 each and you only need 2. buy 2 exhaust clamps from any auto parts tore. get the right diameter so that the bolt will fit tight against the strut housing. cut the excess of the legs off and weld it at the right height. thats it. throw the rest of the parts in the box away.
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