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new forum topics?

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I was just wondering if there was any interest in adding some new forum categories. I thought it might be nice to further divide the General Tech down into a few subgroups, it might be nice to have things arranged more thematically than just "tech soup"

Intake and Exhaust
Climate Control (AC and heat)
Electrical (starting, charging, lighting, etc)
Fuel and Oil

Here are some other dedicated sections that might be helpful:

Rebuild Help
Emissions Help

And on a more personal note, perhaps change "Turbo Talk" to "Tech Talk" or something, and include an NA section... :D A Nitrous section and a "control systems" (fuel management, standalone ECU's, boost controllers, etc) category would be kinda cool, too.

anyone like? I'd at least like to see the first 5 go in.
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When I 1st did the forum, I had the 5 sections you suggest, in addition to other forums and the majority thought it was too confusing. After some thought, I agreed and made it more general.

We currently have 18 sections, and it is broken down much more than massive forums like supraforums. has ~31,000 members, we have ~600.

I can think of 2 guys running N20, and no more than 4 running stand alone systems. To make a forum for just those topics, it will add more to the chaos I think. n/a performance may be a good idea tho.

What does everyone else think? 8)
na performance would probably be a decent idea, but climate control stuff... i know it's an issue, but it seems like nitpicking.
Yeah, we don't want TOO many catagories. I think the number there are now is just about perfect.

As it is I think "General Tech Questions" and "Engine" should be cleaned up and changed around a bit. They are usually really close in topics and have threads that could be in other places. Perhaps going through both of them and splitting them into two seperate catagories with new names that are more defined. That would take some time for someone to go through but not too long. Getting it now would be best before they get too large and confusing.
Perhaps one being a general "Engine Performance Parts/Mods" or "Bolt-on Engine Mods" something like that which would contain basic exhaust, intake, ignition, and everything else having to due with aftermarket engine stuff. I think having just an "Intake/Exhaust" catagorie would just hold the same few questions over and over and this can be solved (hopefully) by my other suggestion which I'll post in a minute or two.

[edit] just thought of the other one that would go with the parts/mods one. Just a basic "Engine's and Internals" type of catagorie would be specific and would have enough topics. Would hold dealings with pistons, cams, boring, and other engines aside from the supra engines.
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Well, General Tech is just that... kinda a catchall for everything that doesn't fit anywhere else, and really is gonna be chaotic... theres really nothing for that IMO..

The engine topic maybe could be broken down a bit (i.e. perhaps like "Mechanical" and "Electronics" or something similar) as it seems to be a catchall for anything under the hood... but really, its not too confusing.

Another option, if Mike and everyone else would like, is to update the FAQ with all of this new info. Starting the third week in July, I am gonna have a SHITLOAD of free time, I would more than happily compile the info for the FAQ and write it up for Mikey to post.
K, you just said what I was thinking and made it seem alot better, LOL. I'm bad with explanations at times.
I agree the "Engine" section just gets all the questions that pertain to anything under the hood. But alot of those questions are also making thier way to "General Tech Questions" and if there was an "Electronics" section like you said it'd prolly clean up those two alot.

I think it'd be a really good idea to update the faq too. With all this new info coming out from the forum and new sources the faq is starting to get behind. Also maybe putting a link to it stickied in the "General Tech Questions" would be a good idea I think.
IMHO I would combine the JZ and M motor sections into a single "turbo" section and add a NA section in the 2nd spot. I think drivetrain could be combined with the suspension category as well, maybe a "chassis" section. An FAQ section would be cool as well.
That seems like a good idea. Combine them to just one "Turbo" section. Have a NA section. Maybe have a "Swap & rebuild" section.
I was thinking of the suspension section being combined with the wheels and tires section. Alot of the info in the wheels and tires section can be taken out and put into a faq as most general questions have been asked.
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