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I was recently almost run over by a semi in my 85 mkii. Luckly the only damage was to the front bumper. I've been looking around for a replacement bumper or mabye an aftermarket one. does anyone know where I could find either of these for cheap?
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YOu might have to go with something earlier(no wrap around Blinkers)...but local pull yard should do it for you.

If you where in Australia I could tell you there is one bumper bar skin left, it's woth AUD$1300...

BUt that does not help you...

Cheers and good luck trying to get the later bumper...
:shock: :shock: :wtf: $1300??????...Holly Smokes...please tell me that's for a whole car not just the skin.
new front bumper

Does anyone have a black one for an 85 they are willing to sell by any chance? :?:
karaki said:
:shock: :shock: :wtf: $1300??????...Holly Smokes...please tell me that's for a whole car not just the skin.
NOPE. It's for the skin... When I wrote off my Supra ealier this year I was in tears to hear how much it was. ~ No I didn't get the bar... I got a second hand one...

Start calling the Junkyards, it will cost you around $50. I bought 2 '83 bumpers in mint condition and I didnt even have to repaint them. Came of a Supra with 278k on it with still a running engine and good tranny......Supras live on forever.
hopefully a local junkyard will have one, But you can still get one from toyota for around $300.00. The junkyard would be where I would look first, I could not find one around here when I was repaiting my red supra. Most yards are telling me they had some of these cars but have crushed them.. :mad:
i went into toyota to ask how much a new bumper would cost
about $550ex japan they said (nz dollars).

How about this for a crazy toyota price tho? $3000 for a black dashboard

Im sure i could get a carobn fibre one made up for half that :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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