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New guy in this forum

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hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and I drive an 84 supra with 5/7mgte..
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Welcome...btw...what's in it...a 5mgte, a 7mgte or do you have both :D in in the back. :roll:

Hope you enjoy your stay 8)
sorry I dont mean to confused you but to answer your question, it is a 5mge head with 7mgte buttom end....
Aha, another FrankenSupra, a la Lewitz. Hope you're not having problems with your injectors like he did in Vegas....!

Welcome to the Forum!
Hey what part of VA? I was thinking of getting A VA supra mini-meet together sometime soon.
Welcome!We can always use more Supra fanatics!
welcome to the site, hope you like it.
the best of both worlds, i was thinking of doing that because i'm having trouble finding a donor car, but i do have a great 7m-gte block with 80,000 i'm dreamin
Bob, I have 295cc in it and so far so good, I don't have problem with it and I hope i won't.......
hello everyone, I'm new to the forum
just watch out for that guy named Karaki he likes to :burn: the new people :wink:

Just watching out for you buddy :patriot:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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