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Now that I am retired and maybe have a bit more time I was thinking about trying to find, buy or restore a 1984 GT-S like the one my wife bought new in Boston and was stolen and destroy after we moved sometime later. Never had time and now seems like a good time to reacquaint myself and summer might be a good time to start trying to find a good one. Owned and built other cars but not that one, yet. Jim
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This forum is for Celica Supra, which is largely what you find here.
If you really want a Celica GT-S or GTS, look on the forum. This is where they hang!

There is a very nice Celica Supra that was just posted hours ago on here !
I was not trying to look upset, I was just saying that if you are sorely looking at Celica GTS, you would have much more chances to find some over there, than over here !.
There was some people recently (nov 22) that had GT-S potentially for sale.
Might try to contact them to see if still available

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