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Now that I am retired and maybe have a bit more time I was thinking about trying to find, buy or restore a 1984 GT-S like the one my wife bought new in Boston and was stolen and destroy after we moved sometime later. Never had time and now seems like a good time to reacquaint myself and summer might be a good time to start trying to find a good one. Owned and built other cars but not that one, yet. Jim
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Absolutely agree with Phil! You will be 20 grand deep into a restoration and still not find all of the parts necessary to finish it. Perfect example, just the rear side window trim is nearly impossible to find in any condition better than junk, and if you do find it in excellent condition, expect the cost to be insane, ie., into the thousands! Hell, the rubber belt molding is over $900 and that's not even oem.

Find a good, solid, low or no rust vehicle and go through it to just freshen it up. Detailing an engine can be just as fun and rewarding as a complete restoration and it doesn't take years or thousands of dollars to do! You get to actually enjoy the vehicle while you're doing little refresh stuff too!
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