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Bonerdude said:
okay with those comments, what is the best route for some after market break up grades and suspension?
Here is what is being put on my supra as we speak:

Addco's (Front and Rear)
Cusco (rear brace)
Energy Suspension PU bushings (various places)

Brembo Replacement rotors (front and rear)
Steel Braided Brake lines ( IIRC. Toy-1340)
Toyota Caliper Rebuild Kit (front and rear)
New brake fluid
Sumitomo HTR4's all around

As soon as I get my supra back from the shop, it will be a completely different car. Therefore, I won't be able to tell you what aftermarket part makes what specific difference. However, I'll post up and share my comments after driving it.

Engine Choice: I decided to go with the 6mge motor and am not disappointed at all. But, it really depends on what you want it to do with your supra. Keep in mind that a 6mge is decent, but a 7mgte in a MKII will keep up with most of the faster cars out there. A 7mgte with mods in a MKII will literally punish other vehicles. :twisted: -Jason
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