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New owner... from Scotland

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Picked up a 84 Celica Supra a few days ago.... just thought id say hi! Expect lots of questions once i get into tidying it up.

here are some pics

and for the sake of it..... here is my old mkIV.... had 480bhp 450lb/ft :D

(the on eon the left)

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Where in Scottland, I just got back from spending 5 weeks in Broughty Ferry.
Welcome u are on CelicaSupraBoards :lol:
Good to know that more people from outside the States have found our little community here. I bet it makes Malloy happy. :p

Adam Kindness said:
and for the sake of it..... here is my old mkIV.... had 480bhp 450lb/ft
I am assuming u got rid off the mk4 WHY WHY WHY WHY ok ill stop. I feel like ZanK. :lol: :roll:
Welcome to our humble little community

Im sure youll find all the help you need :wink:

But Im curious, why go from a mk4 to a mk2? :?

HCogeHC ---- :twak:
Why not I would, or keep it as a second ride.
Its prob very rare owning a mk2 over there. not anyone can have one.
mkIV is nice, but im sure its absolute murder for insurance over there.

welcome the the forum, and let me say, i really like that roof down shot of the mkII... looks great.
gotta love the cobblestone roads they got over there :)

Always glad to have another mk2 owner!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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