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New Rack New OIL

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I couldn't believe it for certain till I read it in the TSRM. But that it even recommends :?: ATF fluid over power steering fluid? After I replace the right door and fender, I'll be swapping out the rack & pinion steering assembly for a nice rebuilt one and am seeking the best fluid for it :shock:

So I go to the search forum and read some of you guys using synthetic ATF Dexron 2/3 over synthetic power steering fluid. I read one part where someone's using Redline power steering fluid and resulting in squeaks, but switching over to the Redline ATF and it stopped the squeaking completely :silenced:

I'm L :shock: OOKIN for the best fluid and would like to confirm w/you fellas that ATF fluid is BETTER.

And once you switch to ATF, don't you alway have to use ATF? Or Combo :?
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If Toyota recommends ATF, why would you use anything other than ATF? I'm pretty sure Toyota knows what's best for their own power steering system!

Its just confusing to me that power steering fluid is not the best thing for the steering system :? Then they should ban that and have a new line of powersteering fluid, like an ATF version.

In the Chiltons manual it shows a bottle of power steering fluid but says ATF :x And the non-rack and pinion steering gear oil should be GL-4 hypoid gear oil--SAE 90.

I just want the best and figure most of you aren't using the ATF fluid and I felt this is a good topic to ask what are you using :idea:
Personally, I don't know what I'm using, but the whole thing with the different fluids probably just has something to do with the chemicals and whatnot in them. I know that Honda has their own power steering fluid and that using it in a non-Honda situation is a bad thing. It's probably just because atf has more preservatives and protectants than regular power steering fluid, but don't quote me on that as I do not know for sure. I'd personally just run what Toyota says to run, but that could just be me. Just my $0.02

Hey thanks for info CRASH :) I was wonderin if this was just a TOYOTA thing, maybe Toyotas PSFluid is made up of mostly ATF stuff.

HONDA has there own version, huh?

Maybe GM has there version too, w/might be best to use the actual POWER STEERING FLUID :idea: I say this since I always read FOR GM, BUICK an some other domestics in the back of the power steering fluid bottles.
Toyota recomemnds Dextron III for the A/T,and I use it there and for the PS so I only have to use 1 fluid for 2 applications.

Hey Shawn :) after you saying that I'm finally starting to believe :hail:
Yes, Honda has its own power steering fluid. Another thing I just remembered, in the later 80's the manual transmissions took 5w30 motor oil. :shock: I realize Honda and Toyota are much much different, but there's weird sh*t out there like that, I think it's just to mess with people or something. :confused:

Gosh, these fluids and chemicals in cars just seem endless :roll: I know this topic must be old and talked about before + boring. :sleeping:

But I never hear much on PSFluids and very :crazyeye: & curious about it.

So I'm goin REDLINE ATF. Thinkin even in my AE101. But I'll try in the MK2 first after the rack & pinion swap is done.

If anyone has any thoughts on this,>please feel free to talk openly on this topic :)
yes, atf is the only thing that works in both my soup and my truck. I tried flushing the truck's system (blew the pump, replaced with a new one last year) with Valvoline's synth p/s fluid. I thought this would be pretty good stuff-I was wrong!
It squealed and had problems turning my 33's even on wet concrete in my driveway! I actually called the company I bought the pump from to have a replacement sent out asap! The guy told me that I should run atf in it first, and when I did I found the thing to work perfect!!! I couldn't believe it...
Since then, I've replaced the Soup's oil with new atf and haven't heard a peep out of the pump!
This is an interesting subject! Many times I've found that a lot of new cars come straight from the factory with a clear or even slightly Amber colored power steering fluid, yet the service manual says to use ATF. I suspect that some automakers may have their own special brew for P/S fluid. I have also noticed that swapping the original factory P/S fluid for store bought stuff can sometimes lead to premature P/S system problems. Maybe the original P/S fluid is actually ATF without any red dye added. :confused: In fact, every new Toyota that has been in my family, including the 84 MKII, originally had something other than Red ATF in the P/S fluid resevoir. One of these days I hope to find out what lies behind this mystery. Any good Dexron/Mercon type ATF will generally work fine in most P/S systems and not cause any problems as long as the P/S system is in good mechanical condition. Personally, I use Amsoil synthetic Universal ATF and have had no problems. 8)
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ATF story

Thats some great info Dave :!: Sounds like those synthetic ATF's are the best & the way to go. I thought this was a stupid, but very interesting thing to ask because of a small story behind all this:

One day soon after I get my first drivers liscense, I really had no clue about cars then and I accidentally put ATF fluid in the power steering because the steering was actin up and needed some fluid. I end up putting too much in this diesel Buick and the power steering wouldn't want to turn. So I drained some out and it works great afterwords.

I remember telling someone what I did and he said its ok, that it just needs it all the time now :? Ever since it remained a mystery to me. And seeing the ATF in the steering brought back some :idea: & :?:s

This clears it up alot on something so red :wink:
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