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Hey I how you guys doing... I am JAY from Virginia and I am glad to see another MK2 specific forum and glad to have a 85MK2 Supra...

well I have done a few stuff to my MK2 and still need some serious power and some cosmetics...

well I have a 6MGE motor that has just been reduilded...
3angle valve job
0.030 over Ross Racing pistons
7MGTE rods
ARP rods,main(studs),head stud
MSD ignition and wires
walbro 255
235/60R14(F) 245/60R14(R)
Tokico front/ KYB gas-a-just rear

future plans
440cc inj w/ SDS stand alone system
upgraded turbo
3 DP and exh
basically I am gonna be running all boost

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dohc82 said:
Hi Welcome aboard :D From looks of your build list I'd say your well on your way to some serious power :D

well that is what i am aiming for... some serious off the line power and currently we are on the process of building a 84 Ptype with a built 7MGTE w/ a full stand alone system and a SP57 turbo... we are still having the motor machined to our specs at the local shop were I have done my motor too.

well so far I was with but not to brag but the forum is slow... so when I heard about I went and jump in for some fun and learing too... and if there is something I can do to help I will

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