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Decided it was time that I retire my 2005 Corolla S 5 speed with 200K miles from Daily driving and get something newer to me. Had to be a Toyota, manual, under 100K miles, and something I could daily drive and not go down a rabbit hole of doing modification. With those criteria it basically left me with two options. a 2nd gen Scion tC or a 10th or 11th gen Corolla. I briefly thought about an FRS but I knew that would take me down the rabbit hole rather quickly. Even though a newer Corolla than I have would be a better car I just didn't want another 4 door since my boys are old enough to be able to get in and out of a car themselves. That left me with a 2nd gen Scion tC. Found a few around but one stuck out. a 2014 tC 6 speed with 80K miles. Price wasn't horrible. Was for sale at a used car dealer. They called it a Monogram series but there were 0 options from what a Monogram came with. However, I am pretty simple when it comes to options so that didn't really bother me. The price didn't seem to reflect those extra options either so we struck a deal with the dealer. There is a small spot of rust bubble in the lower left quarter panel but the dealer and I have signed a deal that they will pay for that area to be fixed. I know their body person they use and trust it will be done correctly and the paint will match. While I wont go down the rabbit hole with this car I do still plan on doing a few mods to it (axle back exhaust, lowering springs, summer wheels/tires, rear sway bar). Will likely autox it a time or two as well when the Supra isn't running.

Planning on keeping the Corolla as it will be my oldest sons car once he can drive (currently 14 years old). Going to have him help me work on it to be reliable enough for him to get to school and work (hopefully).

The day after we bought the car we left for my wifes annual Family Christmas in Iowa and then a winter storm hit so haven't had much chance to take any pictures other than the one below when we stopped for dinner on the way home from buying the car.

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