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New Turbo elbow design (external vent wastegate)

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I will get a picture a little later, but I just wanted to know if anybody has done this.

I have a 1/2" plate with a slightly larger hole than the turbine, then a 3" downpipe. Then a 1" diamter hole(may need to go 1 1/2") with a 1 1/2" pipe coming off for the wastegate. The turbine chamber and the wastgate chamber have been seprated by a divider I built into the flange. For now, I just have it vent just below the engine, but I will probably run it to the back of the truck and maybe put a muffler on it.

For some reason, either my chamber divider leaks, or the wastgate flap does not seal 100%, because quite a bit of exhuast comes out of the smaller pipe under normal driving conditions. Still pretty quiet, just sounds like a small exhaust leak.

Very cool sound when you hit full boost though. Fairly quite vehicle, but at WOT when full boost is achieved, it sounds like you just dropped the exhuast.

Power increase....Not sure yet, but it is faster. I have too many variables right now. I drove it just before this design with just a 3" downpipe completly open, then I build a full 3" exhaust with cat and a very restrictive muffler. But yet another variable is I don't know what the boost is. I Need to get a boost guage to make sure the boost did not increase.
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I've thought about this design, but have never implemented it. Plumb your wastegate pipe back into the down pipe, and your suspected exhaust leak won't be that much of a concern any longer. Send pics when you can.
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