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New wheel option

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Just to let everyone know, I found some new wheels that seem pretty damn cool. Light weight, and not to expensive for a full custom wheel. The only thing is I don't know if they're street legal or not. I don't really care, I'll probably be gettting a set of them as soon as I have the money.
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Don Lew has a set on his car, uses em for the track. From what I remember, he said they arent the best for true street use. He may chime in.
Yes, Don Lew does have these for his AutoXmobile. Very lightweight track wheels. DOES NOT recommend them for street, they will bend easily.

This is what he is using now.

He did make a switch to 9" or 9.5"s but there were some rubbing issues. Can't remember if he resolved them, or if he went back to 8"s.
Hey Guys, yes, still using the Circle wheels for autox. Actually have now gone to two sets of 16 x 9.5 wheels. Zero offset front and rear. They fit fine, using 245/45-16 race tires. Clearance in front is VERY tight on the inside area, with not much clearance at the fender too. Its not the wheel that hits, its the tire. On the inside, the wheel clears the strut housing with about 1/4" , this is huge compared to my other clearances. The tire clears the lower spring seat on the coilover by "maybe" 1/8 inch. This is with Hoosiers, the Kumhos will have more clearance as they are not so squared off at the sidewall/tread interface. I also have 16x8 Circle wheels which mounted with the same tires clear everything a bit easier but don't handle as well. Good wheel for the price, at least in 16" sizes. Prices have gone up since my last purchase, maybe around $250 each now for the 16x9.5 ?? 17" wheels seem much more costly in this brand.
I wish I could go to a 285 tire front and rear to keep up with the competition, but no way to make clearance in front w/o major wheel flare mods.

These wheels are known to be a bit soft, at 15 lbs each you almost have to expect that, and are not DOT legal. Of course you can run this on the street if you want, no one will stop you. Keep the pressure good, and use at least 45 series tire and probably ok. One thing to note, these wheels don't have a decorative wheel center cap of any sort, so the front axle hub will be seen, the rear has no grease cap so not a biggee.

Don L.
'84 Supra
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