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Hey guys I was lucky enough to get this all original non modified 1983 MA-61 Supra with 105k miles. I’m in Massachusetts, so I can’t wait for spring so I can driving this baby!!
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The car is going in the shop soon. The rear main seal is being replaced by my trusty mechanic. Hopefully he doesn’t uncover any other problems.
Heres the back story:

I’m the 3rd owner of the car, my boss is the original owner and he sold it my coworker in 2004. He then shipped it to his place in Florida, where it lived until December, when he sold it to me. I had it shipped here to Clinton, Ma.
He had some transmission work done in 2008, other than that nothing else has been done.
The 2 times I’ve driven it it handled and shifted well, I can’t wait to get her out and about!
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts