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Hey guys I was lucky enough to get this all original non modified 1983 MA-61 Supra with 105k miles. I’m in Massachusetts, so I can’t wait for spring so I can driving this baby!!
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I think we need more pictures.

Think of me as your nosey old neighbor who has a bottle of beer in his hand who wants to see the details of your car.
What's good and what's bad?

It looks pretty good overall.
It looks like the plastic trim or headlight whiskers as they are known, in front of the pop up headlights need replacement (or added).
Was it just the time of day with dew on the windows or is there condensation inside the car?

Anyways, congratulations. It looks like a nice car.

Welcome to the forum.

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These cars are pretty reliable mechanically. They will leak oil from various spots on the head, but they are not expensive to work on.

I think you will have fun with it.

It's a good looking car.
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