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Hi, :thumbsup:
I like this site, love the cars. Thanks to the people who keep it going. I saw my first Supra back in the '80s near Oxford (UK). It was sitting on the garage forecourt, looking good. I have never done this before, but I told the guy I wanted to take a look at it as I might want to buy it :naughty: -even though I couldn't have afforded a tank of fuel for it back then.
He let me look it over, and then my (ex) wife came over, whining, "Come on, you're never going to have one so why bother!" Bitch! :ugh: Man she really pi55sed me off. The kids loved it too, and since then, I have always lusted after one. They are quite rare, like rocking horse sh!t apparently in this country. Most likely the majority of them will have rusted away, but I would still like one. Unfortunately, I still couldn't afford to fill the tank of one, especially with unleaded at £1.08 a litre, :SM130 (1): locally that is.
And yet, I have the urge to buy one should I win the lottery, and make it my own. Should this ever happen -and pigs might fly-then you can be assured I would upload a few pictures or more to show my pride and joy. Yes, I would like and Audi RS6 Avant, but the Toyota has more appeal.
Thinks- would an Audi V10 engine fit? No, that would be crazy... :laugh:
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