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Newish guy...

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Hi. My name is Mike V-man. I joined long ago and promptly lost my info when I moved out into the woods.
I'm currently on my 3rd and 4th '84 5M. I got the third one from someone on here. Maybe son flew to East coast to drive it back. Drove it a long time but gave it to my son while I looked for another. I got my first '84L from another firefighter when his doctor wife blew the head gasket. I had the guys push it into the engine room between the pumper and ambulance and started to tear it down. We'd push it out each night while collection of parts in the back grew. Eventually, I got the timing belt all lined up right and it started on the first try and ran for another 100,000 mi.
I've read some of what you guys are doing and it's out of my league. I'm 72 now.
I rejoined recently and just ran across my old info on a card but I think I'm on new now. Way back then there was a guy named AJ who was also a FF in CA, I think. I'm in MO, miles out in the woods all alone and it's heaven. (Vietnam vet)
But I still didn't have another Supra to drive. Came back here when my brother sent me a pic of a white '84L that was on this forum.
Bought it. Turned out that the grey leather interior was still perfect. Had some rust patches tack welded but I almost have it ready to go to TX for my best friend's son to paint. Replaced stuff, fuel injectors and anything else that might need. It now runs like it's new. I've missed that feeling so much. It's a long, dusty gravel one-lane road out but then it's country highways that Supras were made to enjoy. I'm using my 3rd '84 as a parts car when I got it back from my son. Right now, it's all stock L-model but I changed the auto trans for the 5-speed in my previous car. It's got a bit of a vibration and I've replaced the drive train as necessary. Have a guy bringing front shocks over for it. I'm going to have it painted a beautiful blue with metallic. Adding a sunshade like you could get on the P model. Mostly for looks but it also makes it easier to find in a parking lot. My backwoods mechanic told me that it's rare to find one all original. It even still has the working radio and equalizer. Have my 2 Supras, 2 Broncos, 2 trucks (1 is full restoration of a '69 Chevy C-20), and whatever else is sitting out there that I've forgotten.
Listen, my main reason for posting this long screed is a WARNING - in the dealer manuals for the '84 Supra it gives the wrong head bolt torque. I apologize for not having the numbers but the torque they give is WAY too high. In the engine room, on the last night of my rebuild of first Supra, I snapped off one of the middle head bolts. I tightened down the ones on both sides really well and it lasted for another 100K.
I hope that all of your work on mods goes well for you. You guys know so much more than I do but I just wanted to make sure that I passed on the info about that head bolt torque in case you were working from old shop manuals.
Take care. I'll try to send a pic of how it turns out.
Mike V-man (my old ID was ex-ff)
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Mike, Welcome back Brother! I do remember way back when you were on the forums!!
Thanks slim...
Boy! these guys do some serious work on their rides. I'm happy with a type 2(?) with a manual as long as it's tuned well. Great fun to drive.
Hope you've been well. Retired yet?
Wish I could retire. Was planning four more years, but the economy and market aren't cooperating. Welcome back.
Thank you...
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