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Next-Gen Nissan Z Sports Car Logo Revealed In New Trademark Application

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New Nissan Z
Nissan has filed a trademark with the Canadian government of what the new Z sports car logo is going to look like. The logo you see appeared on the NewNissanZ forum shortly after the filing.

Earlier this week they also filed trademarks for the same logo in New Zealand and Australia.

Also, an all-new company logo that was originally seen on the Ariya Electric Concept.

So far, little is known about the next-generation Z but the retro logo, similar to that of the classic 240Z, might mean we’ll get a retro looking sports car. More power is on the way too with 380Z or 400Z as possible names depending on engine configuration.

Expect the new Z to debut as soon as this year and go on sale in 2021.
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Not a freakin chance of a turbo i6. If its turbo, it will have the new gen twin turbo VQ under the hood of the new Q50 or whatever the g37 became. Likely will be that motor though, and cost substantially less then the new supra I'm thinking. This could blow the new Beemer, er Supra out of the water.
I actually like the current 370z more then the new Supra, more my kinda car (being a mk2 guy and all ;))
Yes but Toyota didn't exactly go out and develop a brand new i6 to put out a new Supra did they. Nissan has been very hostile towards suggestions that they should partner up too so very unlikely that you will see say the new Merc i6 under the hood. And why should they, they have their own new TT v6. The new car should be more of a z32 homage then the 240s. Which is totally fine and appropriate today.

Toyota has a new TT v6 too, wish they would have used it and built the Supra themselves.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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