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Nissan's 350Z goes topless!

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I was just reading an article in the motoring section of my local newspaper. It seems Nissan will be releasing a new version of their 350Z, a convertible version over here this month! :)

Most of the car is still the same as the other hardtop versions...still the 3.5i V6 with 206kw (~280hp). The soft-top is electric and it takes around 20 seconds to go down/up. This version weighs 85kg more than the hardtop. It still has the 6 speed manual and 5 speed Auto with sequential shift. (coolest thing!)

The interior looks awesome I think...heated leather and a 3 gauge cluster showing oil pressure, volt meter and trip comp. The seats feature a cool design with part of the sides molded in a fashion which allows you to shift gear more comfortably.

I don't know how good the 350Z is doing over in the States, but apparently here in Aus it's going beyond Nissan's expectations. They planned on selling 800 cars since it's launch in Feb this year, but so far they are up to 1270 being sold...quite good.

Hopefully it's success along with Mazda's RX8, will pursuade and convince Toyota to move on with the production of a new Supra in the future...the three companies have followed eachother around in the past couple of decades...only Toyota needs to respond now... :)
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I want to know if the 350Z convertible comes in any color but silver. I've seen about a dozen of them cruising around, but every one of them is silver. Haven't seen one yet with the top down either.
I saw a silver one with the top down. looked really gross.
I agree...not a big fan of the topless Z...G35 coupe destroys the 350 in looks...IMHO.

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Well, the one pictured in this article is blue. Looks exactly like the Royal Sapphire Pearl blue of the MKIV's. The interior is a nice golden/yellow leather and black.

I have only seen around 3 350Z's so far...all of them have been that gold colour...I'm getting tired of that colour...its becoming so common now...every new car has it... :x

I feel privledged though...the article says Aussie is only the third market to have the roadster so far... US has had them since August and JP only just got them...weird since it's a JP car?
there are a couple rolling around town... black hardtops are by far the best looking... very clean and classic design.

the convertibles... hmm, i dont know, ive only seen one, and it looked ok, kind of plain, and it was blue.
I like the black 350zs, but I must say, the new Z joins that exlusive club of cars that look awesome in white. Very few do but the new Z does. If you haven't seen one in white yet you'll be a little shocked when you do.

I love the looks of the Z, but damn, theres some cheap shit in the interior. If you ever get a chance to sit in one, don't touch the signal/cruise etc stalk, you will totaly loose your respect for the interior. The lid that covers the navigation system feels really flimsy when you close it too. G35 for me too, goood interior.
ive driven a 350Z and i thought it was a blast, i did not lose respect for interior or anything of that sort. I was amazed at how Nissan built the thing. Anyevent, if you dont like the 350Z, get the g35 coupe, i would assume that the interior is different. But yes, all the drop top Zs that i see around here are silver. Nothing special i would say.
karaki said:
I agree...not a big fan of the topless Z...G35 coupe destroys the 350 in looks...IMHO.
I totally agree. Everytime I see the 350 I like it less and less. The G35 coupe blows it away in the looks department. Then there was the article in one of the car mags that said certain carwashes open the 350's doors during the wash! DOH!
open the doors? Or push the windows in far enough that water spurts into the interior like with our mk2s? :lol:
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