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No more posting for a while (for me)

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Just got the verbal deployment orders today: an undisclosed location in Central Asia. The order is for one year with possible rotation. So no immediate upgrades for the 6M :mad:

Maybe when I get back, I'll be fueled for the 2JZ swap. This time away will give an opportunity to plan (brainstorm) all aspects of the install.

Being active in the CS forum has been a very informative, motivational, and amusing activity since I've first joined. Hopefully the board will still be in existance when I get back (who knows; I may have some type of internet access there - seriously doubt it).

Donnie S.
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wow.. that some big news there. Make sure your ok and i hope ya come back safe.
take it easy man, we'll be here when you get back!
You are the man! :patriot: Keep in touch if possible!
Hey man be strong where ever you are going, hope you at least get to have the Holiday with friends and fam, if not believe me I understand I have been active duty for 16 years and I can't count the Holidays I have been away. I am sure you get support from your friends and family but know that your brothers in arms and @ CS forums are here for you. Hurry and get back.


Be Safe

On the Eve of this traditional holiday of American Thanksgiving, know that your friends and countrymen THANK you and all men and women in uniform for your courage and your willingness to answer the call of your nation. Serve with Pride you will be missed by both friends and family.

Stay in touch if you can and until your safe return to the flock, you will be in our thoughts and prayers.


all the best, here's hoping your back with us real and sound...and with a jdm 2j :D

Good luck...God Speed.
all the best to you, and luck...
Thank you for your service and best of luck. Come home healthy.
Be safe man. And the best of luck to you! Hurry back to us. We'll be waiting! 8)

Good luck man, I hope you keep it safe man :patriot:
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