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Non Toyota motor swaps

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I recently (2 nights ago) ran my timing a wee bit to advanced, with a wee bit too much fuel and fried 3 pistons. :cry:

For a living i am the Head Fabricator for and was wondering if there is any interest in Chevy Small block conversion kits out there.

Here is what the pistons look like now

Let me know either here or [email protected]

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I haven't got enough money to matter, but I've seen a fair bit of disscussion around this sort of topic. I'm guessing you won't find enough people interested to make it worth your while, people like to keep their cars Toyota. I'd say a Lexus V8 would be more likely to catch peoples intrest, but a 2JZ is still the holy grail for Supras.

Anyway, I'm sure we can find some use for a head fabricator. :mrgreen:
Yea, that darn rich condition will melt those pistons every time...

Bein a shrewd drunk, one post at a time.
i think a chevy kit would sell, but probably not in the quantities you would need to make it profitable...

were a pretty small community, compared to say porsche owners, and there are a lot of rabid toyota fans.

personally, id look very closely at a kit to swap a chevy into the mkII, very closely.

also looking for a kit to drop in a toyota 1uzfe v8, but neither will be happening for AT LEAST 18 months, unless i win the lotto :lol:
_HOT_M16 said:
Yea, that darn rich condition will melt those pistons every time...

I think the timing being way to advanced probably did the pistons in :roll:

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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