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not sure how much of that site you read, but ill sum up what i can from memory quickly.

nitrous is an oxidizer... it brings a shit load of basically free oxygen molecules into the air fuel charge, more air, as long as you provide more fuel = more power.

usually there are wet and dry systems, wet injects nitrous along with the fuel, usually these are used for large power gains, as the mist can be more finely controlled, and i belive it has some intercooling effect on the air fuel mixture, as this shit is cold under pressure.
dry systems use a separate injector path for the nitrous, often a plate thats sandwiched between two parts of the intake, and it sprays through little nozzles and tries to intercept the incoming fuel.

done properly, nitrous is cheap speed on demand, to a point.
bottles run empty, and set up can be done improperly, either one will leave you loosing a race.
and just like anything that increases horsepower, the more you demand from it, the more likely you are to run into problems.

hmmm, i cant think of much more to say about nitrous right now... probably so much ive left out.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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