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Not a Kill w/ the Supra, but still fun

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Ok, 2 weeks ago I have my dads Suburban out and about. We were actually going over to pick up some "parts" for the supra. The burban is a 3/4 ton, 454 w/ powerchip, headers, custom exhast, K&N Filtercharger, lots of goodies. :twisted: Anyway, pull up to a light on the main drag in town, and a 1st gen Talon TSI pulls up next to me. No hood on the car, so a good view of the turbo sittin there, and also a very non-rice exhast system, in my opinion, an ok car. Well, he revs at me, and his buddy looks up at me(the burb is also lifted) and laughs. Light turns green, and he dosn't punch it, but dosn't take off really slow either, I just lightly step it down and keep right up with him, bumper for bumper. The next light, his buddy flips me off, and he revs it to the redline. I'm like, ok you asked for it. Break down, light gas, and the tires begin to slowly spin, gots clean emm up a little :twisted: , them not really noticing it, being behind them by a couple of feet. Light turns green and we both nail it, he pulls a little with the better traction, but only about half a car length, after that all he saw was my utility trailer and ass end. Should have seen the guys faces at the next light. :lol: :twisted:
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Good kill!
lol, good kill :)
the summer before last, i rode shotgun with my friend in his burban, 95ish turbo diesel 3/4ton...
i have no idea what hes done to it, but iirc he spent about 10k on the engine, so i know its got some serious work.

we were driving pretty quick down the freeway and some guy was harassing us in a golf TDI.
we pretty much ignored him, similar to how elephants ignore cheetahs.

we exit the freeway, and its at the lights, and he thought he was going to blow past us and starts tapping the brakes to "dance" his car.
ive never laughed so hard as when the lights changed.
riding in this huge beast, 3 feet off the ground, all four wheels spinning as we absolutely decimate the golf.

im pretty sure i know just the look you saw lacrssgus, cause im pretty sure itd be similar to the golf driver...
pure, unadulterated astonishment :)
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