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Supraa_luva said:
Wasn't sure where to post this and I guess this is the closest place.

For like two weeks everytime I come to this board I'm logged out. It just got this way all the sudden and wasn't like this before, I hadn't changed anything or any setttings. Like it's not using cookies so it doesn't auto log me in. Not sure why it suddenly got that way. I checked my profile and there's no option in there for cookies so I didn't like accidently turn it off or something. Really annoying cause I have to log in every single time.

Anyone else get this problem or know how I could fix it?
I'm using mozilla btw and never had any problems so far with this board.
Nothing has changed on the; no settings have been altered or anything. My guess is it's a "cookie" issue and for some reason either your browser is blocking the cookie that the forum is trying to set, or your cookies have somehow become disabled.

I'm using Internet Explorer 6 and it "remembers" me just fine.

What I suggest you do it go into your Mozilla browser and delete your cookies and your saved internet cache, then close the browser. Re-open it and then come to the forum and see if that cures your problem. You might also check your cookie settings in the browser and see what's going on there - perhaps something has changed.
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