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Now thats a header...

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[Tim Allen grunt here] :mrgreen:

When the aftermarket dissappoints, inovate :D
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supraslider said:
sombody said that a 9k 5mge motor was rare well listen to this i just finished up an automotive class at the local community college and in a ware house in the back i found a 5m and at the end of the semester they were cleaning out the ware house and i was able to scoop up the motor for nothin and turns out the motor had never been run it was a display motor that toyota gave the school in 85 and only the oil pan had been taken off all the metal was just as shiny as the day they got it so how bout that.
That's amazing!! :shock: When can we see some pictures?
wow i cant remember when i put that in and since i havent been watching this lately i didnt relize any one saw it. you guys are gonna flip or shoot me i put the motor in the car it fired on the first try, i drove it for the break in (500 miles) and parked it in the garage. ha it's only cause i got a new toy a 72 CJ5.(and tha ladies like it a little more than the supra) but while i had parked it i put a act clutch in it, which i havent driven on yet. eibach sport springs, koni adjustable struts and shocks, which also havent been driven on. but now i have gotten back into my supra ( since i fliped the jeep) and all i can think of is swaping a 7M in it. where i work is in the country and every body either has a huge jacked up truck(or jeep) or a mussle car. and when i drive the supra all i get is smak and i want to hand it to them with a a car that has 2 less cylynders. but yeah the motor runs great and all i had to do was put a new head and oil pan gasket on and re lube every thing and she runs like a champ.
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21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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