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Most of the new ones are legal. The one that were illegal are the ones with an all clear lenses with red and amber bulbs. These were the ones that looked sorta like factory lights without the red tint. This is why most of the newer ones look like IS300 lights with the small red lenses under a clear cover. You can get by with an amber bulb in the rear and a back reflector for the turn signals. In the front you need an amber lense over the bulb (no matter how small). I know in CA they will nail you for anything illegal on the car now. Ever since the street racing became a "menace" they nail you for everything, being too low, smog violation, loud exhaust, blue ricer lights, clear corner bulbs, too huge of a wing. But they can't nail you for bad taste (i.e 90% decal coverage on a car and freaky color paint jobs)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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