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I was looking through this for laws on plate placement (put my front plate in the windshield) and I found this...

11.) Are "Altezza" or European tail/brake light and front marker lenses legal for street use in Oregon?
Answer: Oregon has adopted the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 for lighting equipment. The standard is very specific for tail/brake light lenses and front side marker light lenses. The standard requires red lenses (not red bulbs) for the tail/brake lights and red rear and side reflex reflectors and red side marker lights. A separate rear side marker light and reflex reflector may also be allowed for the rear lighting system to meet the standard. The front side marker lens lights can be either white or amber (yellow) and must also have an amber (yellow) reflex reflector incorporated into the lens or have a separate side marker light and reflex reflector to meet the standard.

So, the answer to the question is in most cases after-market (non-original equipment) "Altezza" or European tail/brake and front marker light lenses are NOT legal for street use in Oregon. They usually lack the required reflex reflectors and side marker lights. Here is a link to a Web site with more information. Note the "Recalls" section. Most all of the after-market "Altezza" and European lenses have been recalled for not meeting FMVSS 108. (ORS 816.010).

The full set of rules is at

Is it me, or does that mean most of the Hondas around here aren't street legal? :? (not that I have a right to talk with my foglight mods... but still, at least those are subtle and can be turned off)
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