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Today, my o/d light blink several times indicating that a code has been issued. In looking at my manual it says to connect a wire from the "DG terminal" to a ground. My question is where/what does the DG terminal look like? From the manual picture it looks to be located near the fuse box behind the battery.

There's so many wires/connectors in this area, I don't know which one is the DG terminal.


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I had to check that once several years ago too. As I recall, it was a small squareish shaped plug hanging loosely near the fuse box. Only one wire to it and I "think" I remember that it was a red wire with a blue stripe on my 85. Not certain on the color there, but it was the only squareish plug in the vicinity that wasn't plugged into anything. My code showed a bad speed sensor on the tranny tail housing. Very spensive little magnet from Toyota.

Phil D.
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