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Malloy said:
4 forums and an email list for the mk2 supra? I think its getting stupid now.
While is just for the MK2 supra, is for all generations. I realize you won't find the detailed information there you will here, but I'd still like to see SOGI thrive. I know many of us left the SOGI list due to the massive numbers of emails, or childish flame wars. The forum format is intended to help with no more filled inboxes, the ability to ignore users, and ease of following topics. One of the main problems I see with the other two pan-generation forums (supraforums and i-supra) is that both are owned by commercial interests... Don;t get me wrong, I love SF (and moderate there), but it's unfortunate to have to kick/ban vendors when they break advertising rules...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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