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Malloy said:
I think we should try to stick to the existing resources (we already have, mk2 mailinglist and, not go to just another.

4 forums and an email list for the mk2 supra? I think its getting stupid now.
Yup, i agree...pretty soon we're not gonna have any time to drive or work on our cars. By the time you get home, eat dinner, relax, check the yahoo list, the supraforums, the celicasupra forums, now the sogi forums, next it might be the ma61 forums???? Like, what ever happended to effeciency people, I'm having a hard enough time the way it is, nevermind adding new sites :roll:

No offence to anyone, but is all we need...btw...Mike you haven't answered the pm i sent you a month or so ago :? Later all,
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