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Official word is out, and it's not good!!! (false alarm)

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Got this from my trusty parts guy yesterday, all parts for the MKII Supra will be discontinued as of November 1st. This means that whatever they have in stock will not be replenished Unless it's a part not exclusive to the Supra, we will no longer see new stock being made.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news folks...
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There have been a lot of F-class (I think that's the designation) for a while.
Now I want to hear something like. "The blue book value has jumped up"
Re: Official word is out, and it's not good!!!

Flyin' Hawaiian said:
Got this from my trusty parts guy yesterday, all parts for the MKII Supra will be discontinued as of November 1st. This means that whatever they have in stock will not be replenished Unless it's a part not exclusive to the Supra, we will no longer see new stock being made.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news folks...
All parts made by WHOM?
well fuck...
scuse the language, but i guess ill be buying lots of parts cars soon...
hmmm, shoulda been more specific. All genuine Toyota parts will be F class, and no longer being produced as of Nov. 1st...
You had to have know this question was coming...what's FClass..pardon the ignorance :oops:
f class = extinct.
as far as i understand it anyways.
if it aint on the shelf at your dealer or regional distribution center, it doesnt exist.

CLASS F means that the part is discontinued & you cannot even get it if you try to special order it from Japan. And miracle man Jeff Watson is not going to be able to help either.

The parts classification designation goes anywhere from Class A to Class F. "A" or "B" generally means that the part is still being made & is easily available (like most engine & all tune up parts). If anything, the part is in stock at the dealer or they can get it the next day. Or maybe 1 or 2 extra days if they need to get it from a regional warehouse & the distance it is between the dealer & the warehouse (I'm in Seattle & the nearest regional warehouse is in Portland, OR, so it's about a 1 - 2 day turnaround).

Class C... The part is available, but not within your region, they probably had to do a nationwide dealer search.

Class D... Already discontinued, but there are only a handful of these items left. Either a dealer has "one" sitting on the shelf somewhere gathering dust, or it's at the North America Parts Depot in Ontario, Cali doing the same.

Class E.... Time to panic..... :shock: We're down to maybe 1 or 2 of these items left in the country.... Assuming that everyone has their inventory up to date. This was the situation that I was in, when I tried to order replacement intake connector hoses for the MKI 5ME. The center connector hose & the TB hose were Class D items, the AFM hose was a Class E item. Turns out I was able to get the center & TB hose (one of the last few left), but the AFM hose is now CLASS F. Am guessing that MKII 5MGE connector hoses are either Class C, if not Class D items already.

Here's another example of a Class E item. Two years ago, someone was looking for a brand new complete assembly center mount 3rd brake light for a 86 P-Type. My parts guys did some looking around & they found ONE that was somewhere on either the east coast, or in the Southeast. And yes, it's the only one left in the country. Don't know if it's still around.

So yes, if in doubt. if it looks like this part is borderline extinct, check on it's availability!! And see if they can get it for you!!!! If the local dealer fails, call Jeff Watson @ Champion Toyota (formerly Jay Marks). Sometimes they can pull some strings & they might be able find some items that are stashed away in the North America Parts Depot that nobody knows about (Belinda @ Jay Marks was able to find some interior items for me that nobody else was able to get (Maroon console lid, shift boot & shift knob, AND a Terra Cotta console lid & shift boot. Struck out on the shift knob). No, none of these parts are for sale.. :(

And yes, there is "one more" classification that is beyond Class F. It's called "no longer listed". This is what showed up on the computer one day when I tried to order some replacement plastic clips that holds the side pieces on the 3 piece roll up cargo cover on the MKI. My parts guy busted a gut laughing when he saw that there really something mentioned for things that are basically "beyond" Class F. :oops: (I was able to find these items later in a junkyard MKI).

Yep, parts really are becoming extinct!!! Get them while you can!!! This is going to be pretty tough for those that restore our MKII's & are "purists" about the parts & how they look.

(OT, yes, I'm back from Vegas, had a blast, great to see everyone).
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Hold on, guys - don't panic....the same parts guy (Flyin' Hawaiian and I go to the same dealer) told me Tuesday that he and Jake Reed had told Chris this in jest, and conveniently "forgot" to tell him that it was a joke!! False alarm!!

He told me again that if Toyota gets three orders in a year for a part, no matter how old, that they'll continue to make it available for the next year. So keep buying your MkII parts and don't worry about it.
Great!!!!! Thanks Bob!!!!

In the meantime... For all the newbies & veterans who have been here for awhile & are not familiar w/ the Toyota parts availability codes, this is a rough translation as to what each of them mean. Am sure that someone else will correct me on them, esp on Class C & Class D, but the rest of of them are pretty accurate.

(Admin's, should this Parts Code translation be another sticky in the General Tech section once we get the definitions confirmed??).
ouch, and he even said "trusty" too....

wish I would have thought of this joke... :mrgreen:

Are you talking about the normal tune-up items as Air/Oil/Fuel filters, Distributor Cap/Rotor/Wires...etc or just the big metal parts like Intake and exhaust manifolds etc...?

It may be time to get that 2JZ... :(
damn.... that was a good joke!!!

had me scouring the local bargain finder more closely than usual! :oops:
I edited the title. :D
This fallacy was getting me worried good to know its just that.
my sincere apologies to the group about my incorrect post! I found out about this 2 days ago and am still a little aggravated with them two guys, not to mention a little embarrassed passing on false info!
Don't worry, those two will pay for this! I've gotta work on that parts guy's home computer, think I'll put a little screen inversing proggie into his run key! Every time he starts his computer, the screen will be inverted and upside down!
Unfortunately, the program to remove it is now an F class piece of software...

All tune-up parts are still available. Along w/ items that "occasionally" need to be replace (timing belt, idler pulley, all front seals, rear seals, top seals (cam cover, valve stem, cam tower, etc).

"Most" engine parts, I was thinking of internal items.. Water pump, fan clutch, thermostat, assorted bearings, rings, etc. Most rubber hoses are Class C if not D items.

As mentioned earlier, if in doubt, ASK!!! I'm always constantly asking if any MKI items I need are Class F, which the majority of the stuff is. Tune-Up items for a 5ME are still either Class B or Class C items..

Since our 5MGE is also in the Cressida, engine parts availability is not really in jeopardy yet. 4ME/5ME items.... it will vary on what it is.
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