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Oh Crap, I think I bought a Stolen Supra

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Ok guys I need a little help with this. I was checking my vin# on my Supra and realized the # is so different from my other cars. Here it What do you guys think? Does this # interpret anything since its so much shorter than others. If anyone can do a vin check for me that would be highly appreciated as well though I already left it on Supraforums but carfax is not always right I found out. Please leave some feedback though Im deeply sad. :(
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Exactly, thats why im wondering why its so short, maybe it means it was recovered stolen, salvaged, etc. But thats what it says. I only checked the title and the registration sticker on the windshield, its covered for the winter.
Ok I guess the VIN# was unidentifiable when registered so NY assigned a vin#/serial# for my car. So the possibility of it being stolen is still questionable. Where is the vin# located on the engine block cause maybe if it was stolen they forgot to scratch that one off?
Figured it was something like that, yes the # is on the door side. Am I going to have any problem getting the title in my name? and is their anyway to get a history report on my car?
Yeah the previous owner never registered the car, or so thats what he said, so I told him I will wait a month for him to get a new title. He did have the original title that he got when he bought the car himself though. Yeah the vin tag is gone and i searched the firewall and couldnt find it unless its behind the block.
Will insurance be higher since its a sheriffs title? What kind of questions do they ask? Probably stolen related and such....Thanks.
Way past 20 days since I got it in August and Im restoring it until next summer. How heavy are the fines? I cant see them being that large since I got the owner to get a new title before I bought it. Is it best to get the title in my name before the end of the year? And yes the firewall dataplate is gone. :(
Ok, I guess when I get the car registered the DMV has to inspect the car as well before anytrhing else. I searched the firewall couldnt find it. I'll check again tommorow to see if I can find where it used to be since it going to be a whopping 45 degrees here in Buffalo. :shock:
Forgot about this thread I got a few questions to see if my cars worth the hassle of getting registered and insured.
1. Is a recovery title/Sheriffs title the same as a salvaged title.

2. Are insurance rates higher due to the title problems.

3. I heard the car has to be inspected and costs around $50 before it can be registered, how do I take it to the place if I dont have plates, etc. for it and what exactly do they inspect it for.

4. Is there anyway to get a history report on my car.

5. Where do babies come from.

6. Any other problems or payments I will have to pay for the car.

By the way yes the firewall dataplate has been ripped off.
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dogstar said:
85SilverWedge said:
Superium said:
5. Where do babies come from.
Canada 8) :D :crazyeye:
hey, when its this cold there aint much to do besides drink and hump, so gotta pass the time some how ;) :D
Wow I learn something new everyday
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