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Oh Crap, I think I bought a Stolen Supra

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Ok guys I need a little help with this. I was checking my vin# on my Supra and realized the # is so different from my other cars. Here it What do you guys think? Does this # interpret anything since its so much shorter than others. If anyone can do a vin check for me that would be highly appreciated as well though I already left it on Supraforums but carfax is not always right I found out. Please leave some feedback though Im deeply sad. :(
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well, there is probably some mobile mechanic around your area who does inspections at your premesis.
or you could have the car towed to the inspection shop, but id ask them if you can leave the car there and go get insurance/registration, then come back and pick it up from there... save you towing it home.
also, ive found that most insurance companies will allow you to get transfer insurance for a day or two, then you go get your license plates, and a temporary registration tag.

no idea about title problems.
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