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Oh Crap, I think I bought a Stolen Supra

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Ok guys I need a little help with this. I was checking my vin# on my Supra and realized the # is so different from my other cars. Here it What do you guys think? Does this # interpret anything since its so much shorter than others. If anyone can do a vin check for me that would be highly appreciated as well though I already left it on Supraforums but carfax is not always right I found out. Please leave some feedback though Im deeply sad. :(
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It has a recovery title, commonly known as a Sherriff's title. Probably has a tag pop-riveted to the driver's door post with that same number. BTDT

The car was stolen or abandoned at one time. Makes them tougher to resell. On my '83, the VIN was even cut out of firewall. The VIN number is stamped in the top center of the engine side of firewall also.
The license folks are familiar with this, I assume you have a valid title. You will also get weird responses from your insurance company. Look for the VIN on the firewall, not sure if there is one somewhere else. I assume the VIN tag on the driver's side of the dash is missing also?
You can claim it was not driven in most states, and that gets you off the hook.

Did you ever find any VIN stamped into the center of the firewall? That sheet metal would have had to been cut out of the car to remove it.
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