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oil leak... head gasket? help...

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Hey guys,

I have an oil leak on the Passenger side of the engine, right near the timing cover/exhaust manifold. It looks like its coming from the water pump (impossible though), and its a steady "drip drip", even when the engine isnt running.

What other sources could this be coming from on that side of the engine?? My gut tells me that I have a head gasket going, but there is no coolant in the oil (that I can see) and the car is still dangerously fast and runs smooth. The coolant is pretty rank though... all orange and chunky =)

The car got close to the red mark on the temp gauge when the clutch fan got stuck, but never went over. A bit of coolant boiled onto the ground via the overflow bottle. COuld this have caused a weak spot in the Head gasket?? This happened about 5 weeks ago, but the oil leak is only started recently (about 2 weeks)

Any help would be appreciated. This is driving me crazy!



Oh, the engine is out of a late modle cressida (88 if I remember right =) if that makes a difference.
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Hey I had the same oil leak,It sounds like it's the camshaft seal but to replace it you have to remove the timeing belt too.
I had to replace the two valve cover seals,camshaft seal , and new timing belt, with a new pulley.
The Leak is not good for the timing area,now not a drop from around there.
Sure it must be that. hope that helps. :)
You should also check the back timing cover that seals up against the front of the head. But most likely you will have a leak with a camshaft seal or it could possibly be the camshaft tower seal.
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