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Oil Pumps & Pans

Just thought I'd throw in my .02c worth.....Regarding 82-86 (5M motors) the oil pan was shallower in the sump from 82 until approx. July 84. The oil pump pickup was shorter to fit.
The oil pans and pumps from after July 84 until end of MKII's were approx. .5 inches deeper. Doesn't sound like much but if you try to fit an early pan (shallow) on an engine with the later pump (longer) it WON'T FIT! And I speak from experience! Of course a deep pan and short pump will work, but why do it that way?
My local Toyota Parts guy (Broadway Toyota, Portland) gave me all the info on production dates and part numbers for all pan / pumps.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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