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Old MK2 Magazine Articles

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Guys and Gals, just found another old article on the MK2

Popular Hot Rodding July 1984, Corvette vs Porsche vs Supra vs 300zx
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Hey Arch...

Great find!

Can you get a good color scan of it? We'll add it to the media section. :D
Car & Driver Oct 1984 - Sarizer Supra, Cartech Turbo, Toy East suspension Gary Lo Pinto

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Very Cool!
It's not an old magazine but I believe it's all so fitting in here.
Interesting cover shot, note the different driving lights, almost clear lenses...

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2000GT VS Supra

Sports Car Graphic Magazine June 1984

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These are all in the media section already.

Guess who put them there?

EDIT.... I didnt scan the Aussie-based Modern Motor rags yet, so kudos to Arch for that.
AOk here's one not in the media section, for the L-Typers out there!!

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Toyota Today Autumn 82 UK

Front Cover

Back Cover Toyota Ad
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Toyota Tech 4th Qtr '81

Toyota Tech 4th Qtr '82

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HKS Twin Turbo Toyota Supra "1986"

Just realized this article is at the media link....sorry for the repost.

Massive thread revival, but I’ve searched high and low for the new ‘media’ link and can’t find it, and all the geocity (wow remember that) page images are down as they reference the cs media page, would love to read a few of the old articles, anybody got a hi-res version/ access to them.
Thanks for that old site link, I've copied them!
Here's one that's still on-line. C&D 7/84 - Best Handling Cars - Supra vs Ferraris & Porsches

I found the lap-times for that 7/84 C&D article on FerrariChat:

1. Lotus Esprit Turbo 87.1 MPH 1:43.3s
2. Ferrari 308 QV euro 86.8 MPH 1:43.7s
3. Porsche 911 Carrera 86.7 MPH
4. Porsche 928S 85.1 MPH
5. Porsche 944 84.4 MPH 1:46.6s
6. Audi Quattro 82.8 MPH
7. Toyota Celica Supra 81.5 MPH 1:50.4s
8. Honda Prelude 78.8 MPH 1:54.2s

Interesting that the top 4 best-handling cars in that comparison had slowest times at Willow Springs. Goes to show that pure speed isn't all there is to handling. Feel and control makes it easier to get car to its limits, and more fun too!

That article was motivation for me to get Porsche 944 TurboS (951) when it came out in 1987. It can do Willow Springs in 1:41 on old Pirelli P7s. :) I got down to 1:35 with minor engine, suspension mods and wheels/tyres.
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Fully-built MKIV racecars are doing 1:30s at Willow Springs. New MKV Supra 3.0 can do Willow Springs in 1:28 right off showroom floor !! Upgraded ones are doing 1:25 !! Wow! I may need to get one of those.
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