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3D printed Celica and Celica Supra defrost dash vents. Almost impossible to find.

$50 for the pair in black abs shipped within the US only. (A test run is being done on a shipment to Australia at this time and will determine the feasibility to ship internationally.)
This ad is only available for the next 2 months from posting date or 10 pairs. Whichever comes first.

After 30+ years of sun, humidity changes, and hot/cold weather, your OEM dash vents have either cracked already or will crumble if moved at all.
These parts are not being manufactured nor supported anymore by the OEM.

Custom GEM design. These are designed from scratch to represent the version as close to the originals as possible, but with some minor modifications to allow for efficient 3D printing.
As 3D printing is a different manufacturing method, these parts are NOT an exact injection molded part, but a very close design and the resulting part is very nice quality.

0.2mm layer height.
Quality Black ABS parts. (Blue is available for an additional $5. Primed and painted a similar shade to the stock dash only on the portion that remains visible when installed. Some layer lines might still be visible. Please understand that the blue is the best know color match but might not match a faded dash. SEM Shadow Blue #15043)

These cars have aged dashboards that can alter the fitment of the vents. Some basic trimming with a sharp cutting tool and sanding.
These parts can be sanded, and painted to reduce and possibly eliminate the layer lines with enough time and care.
Acetone washed to a smooth finish, or lightly flamed to gloss them up a little.
It is up to the buyer to exercise caution with dangerous chemicals and ignition sources. Please check the MSDS on acetone and wear proper safety gear.
If using a flame, to much heat on the fins will warp them very quickly. Go very light and quick with the passes. Let them cool down between passes.

These vents will be provided with the top already flamed to a light gloss.

Several prototypes have been installed with great success. However, if your dash is warped and out of original dimensions as most all of the cars are at this point, larger gaps may show on any or all of the sides or fitment can be tight.

3D printed parts are each inspected and cleaned as much as possible. However, in some cases minor trimming or a quick touch up might be required.
Parts are processed as quickly as possible but may take up to 2 weeks for shipment in rare cases.

The ABS will hold up well for the time to come, but additional longevity can be had by painting the parts.
We recommend an ABS safe cleaner/degreaser, plastic primer and then finish coats.

Made in the USA by an American company.
Parts are labeled at the hose attachment end for DR and PASS.
Clips are NOT included.

PM to order.
Thanks for those that have supported this project and those that will do so in the future. I hope to launch a few other 3D printed parts in the near future.
I can also print TPU or rubber like parts and have a couple in the works.


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