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Open element filter or no?

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What kind of luck have you guys had with finding/using an open element filter vs the stock ones at the parts stores? So far I've found a K+N for about 45 or so, but I'm always interested in my options. Who's running what and are any gains noticable?
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Re: k&n

cartman said:
hey all, i just put a cone type k&n filter on my car, of course i don't have that intake box thing either so its all open. well heres a question. when i rev it up( i pull on the throttle linkage) you can here it suck the air in. it sounds really cool, im just wondering if anyone else get this noise.
Sounds a lil crazy, hope nothing comes loose in the engine bay and flies through your K+N
what about something like this...

just cut a hole through the front...attach this thing to the AFM..and run the duct through the hole to the lower part of the bumper...hope that made sense.
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There's a bunch of kits out there, here's yet another one that would work...

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