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**Pending feedback from Malloy, this will transform into a group buy and be moved to the group buy section, then it will proceed. I have had a lot of feedback and eagerness to do this group buy to do this group buy, so this is the start of getting it moving. Please state interest and PM me for shipping outside of the US. I will deal with those members on an individual basis. Shipping is included in the US.***

Those who have responded with the desire to get in this group buy please reserve your spot here, and hold payment until I notify you that we are ready to continue.

All Questions and concerns please contact: Mitch Kadel (mkii_supra_freak)

This will the second round of the official group buy for the Solid Mount Strut Bar that has been developed over the last few months. There will be two options available listed below, but all are made of first quality materials and made by skilled tradesmen. At this time I have confirmed that it will accommodate every year mkii, with the following engine configurations. 5M, 6M, 7mgtes, 1jz & 2jzgte. They are also compatible with the rabid chimp intake pipe, front mount intercooler kit, and the T3 Camber plates.

The minimum quantity that will be required for this group by is 15-20 pieces.

The following options include shipment to the continental us. I am willing to do international shipping but there will be an additional expense for shipment, please contact me by PM for questions concerning this option.

Complete Strut Bar assembly fabricated out of aircraft grade 6061-T6 Aluminum, with SS hardware.

**Pricing Changes**

These Bars will also be sold as recieved from the manufacturer, to allow you to finish them as you desire. They Paint and polish beautifully. DO NOT POWDERCOAT.

Polishing can be had at $60 for a mirror polish due to the time required to do these bars properly.

6061-T6 Strut Assembly with NO Toyota Logo $240 Shipped [If Paypal ($247.00)]

6061-T6 Strut Assembly with Toyota Logo $260 Shipped [If Paypal ($270.00)]

Matching rear bar already in a fully polished #3 grade, for $170 Shipped. Those who purchased/purchasing the front bar will get a $10 discount on the matching rear bar.

For Paypal Payments please send to [email protected].

For Money Order Submittals please send to

Mitchell Kadel
15320 Edgewater Forest Ln.
Charlotte, NC 28278.

For Photos and design details please see Below.

And of course

Because everyone wants to put a little 2JZ in it.

Thanks for your support and continued interest.

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Reserved for Group Buy Lists.

Front Bar:
1. Gamble
2. Madfaber W/Logo
3. Bubblleboi
4. BlueGoose
5. Senior w/logo
6.lee_ma61 w/ polish
7. Stebrenden
8. Tanto
9. Supra 6
10. Citskipper w/Logo
11.1984 MKii w/Logo Polished
12. drjim w/Logo
13.Josh Craft Polished
14. alexgsxr
15. slategray7 w/Logo Polished
16. Jeff Sherman Polished
17. Dreamcar85Supra w/Logo

Rear Bar:

1. Bubblleboi
2. BlueGoose
3. Mrbubbles00482
5. Stebrenden
6. 1984 MKii
7. Josh Craft
9.Jeff Sherman

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I am in for a front and rear polished!

Question on the logo, will it be the 80's style toyota spelled out? or the current logo?


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anyone have more pics of the rear? i've only seen one pic and it isn't the greatest. i guess i could go out and make my own measurements as to cargo room based on how it looks to run in the pic, but real world stuff is always better.

Dev pic:

installed pic:

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Re: Solid Mount Strut Bars Thread

I may be in for a front and a rear mitch! Ill get some details from you later.

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I'll take a front and rear, non-polished, with logo!

Now that I *finally* have a car to play with, I can start getting neat parts like this!


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Ok, we have enough to get this thing off the ground. Please PM me with any questions/concerns.

I will get with the supplier next week to see about availability and time frame of production.

At this time I will be paying for the remaining 3 extra fronts, and several rears to get this going, so if anyone is still on the edge, or curious of the rear bar I will have some available.

Malloy Please check PM and move this thread to the Official Group Buy section For proper tracking and convenience for everyone.

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