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Original Colors

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Questions: What were the original colors that the mk2 came in and how many.
I saw one with one I have never seen
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Ok Im gonna take a stab at this from memory. These are the factory names. I only know about P-Type colors, so somebody please weigh in on the L-Types.

Super White - all years
Super Red - 1982-1984
Super Deep Red - 1985+
Terra Cotta - 1982-83
Gloss Black - all years
Silver - 1985+
Lt Blue - 1982
Lt Blue - 1984 (different from 82)
Dark Blue - 1983
Dark Blue - 1984+ (different from 83)
Deep Maroon - 1984+

Two Tones:
Red/Black - 1982
Lt Blue/Dk Blue - 1984
Deep Maroon/Mahogany - 1984
Dk Blue/Silver - 1985 _

The L-Types had unique Grey and Gold colors, but I dont know their correct names. I'll just wait for Chris Eng to return from Vegas :D
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Thanks Greg, The color I saw was Dark Gray and was not sure if it was original, but this helps out.
I tried looking for a list on the FAQ but did not find one.
WOW!!!! Good job Greg!!!! :D

Let's see, the early L-Type's had a 2-tone Black/Silver, and the 83 also had a 2-tone Rose Gray/Mahogany color. Will need to look at the 82 & 83 Brochure's again.

Mind everyone again, the color names listed are the ones from the US Spec Sales Brochures. Color names will differ between countries. Thanks to ArtM who sent me some .pdf copies of his Canadian 85 Brochure, the Canadian SDR's are actually called Royal Red. :shock:
well I was woundering cause I saw this one: click here to view
Sorry about the long link. good price and low clicks.I phoned and its gone!
That is a custom color... not the best pic but it looks pretty good.
I think this should be added to the FAQ... but adding the color codes is a must. I'll compose a graph if people help contribute their codes to me. I believe this can be found on the drivers side firewall plate - at least the 84+ cars are. Ive got 84 Dk Blue and Super White covered already.

Please PM me or mail direct: [email protected]

This is what I pulled from the "History/Other" section of I did a little bit of editing to remove the MKIII paint codes.

033 = White (79 - 81)
035 = Super White (82 - 84)
040 = Super White (85 - 86)

125 = Silver Metallic Clearcoat (81)
135 = Silver Metallic (80)
150 = Super Silver (84 - 86)

202 = Gloss Black (82-86)
297 = Two-tone Black Metallic/Silver Metallic (81)
299 = Two-tone Red/Gloss Black (82)
2B8 = Two-tone Silver Gray Metallic/Dark Gray Metallic (82)
2K7 = Two-tone Rose Gray/Mahogany (83)
2P3 = Two-tone Light Blue/Dark Blue (84)
2P4 = Two-tone Deep Maroon/Mahogany (84)
2U4 = Two-tone Dark Blue/Super Silver (85)

372 = Red Metallic (80)
3C2 = Mahogany (83)
3C7 = Rose Gray (83)
3D1 = Super Red (82 - 84)
3A1 = Red Metallic (82)
3A7 = Terra Cotta (82 - 83)
379 = Deep Maroon/Maroon (84 - 86)
3F2 = Super Deep Red (85-86)

474 = Copper Metallic (79-80)
4A5 = Beige Metallic (82)
4D3 = Camel Metallic (84)

6A5 = Black Metallic Clear Coat (81)
6A8 = Black Metallic (79 - 81)

861 = Light Blue Metallic (79)
888 = Light Blue Metallic Clear Coat (81)
889 = Light Blue Metallic Clear Coat (82)
894 = Light Blue Metallic Clear Coat (84)
896 = Dark Blue Metallic (83)
8B4 = Dark Blue Metallic (84-86)

Most of the above paint codes are fairly correct, because I pulled them off of junkyard cars & sent them to David Cotter when he still had his TSRP website. For the most part, I still need to get some more MKI paint codes, and I need confirmation of some MKII 2-tone paint codes. Namely some of the early L-Type ones, like the Black/Silver Metallic, the Rose Gray/Mahogany, and the 84 P-Type Deep Maroon/Mahogany

FYI!! Don't bother checking w/ the Paintscratch website, there are a few paint codes that are not correct. One of them includes the Silver Metallic for the 81 model year!! Paintscratch says that Silver Metallic is code 137, my firewall dataplate on the Silver Slug says code 125. There are a few others that I know are correct, so I used those.

Later this week, I'll bring in the 79 - 85 Sales Brochures & look at the paint names that we need codes for. I will try & update this listing when possible. I do know I have the code for the 1981 2-tone Black/Silver for the MKI.

Keep those paint codes coming everyone!!!!! This is something that sorely needs to be updated!!!!
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150 is Super Silver 85-86
Guys, from the '86 Fleet Book:

040 Super White
150 Super Silver Metallic
2U4 Dark Blue/Super Silver Metallic
202 Black
3F2 Super Deep Red
379 Maroon Metallic
8B4 Dark Blue Metallic
Just did the latest round of updates/editing!!! Keep them coming everyone!!! Will try & update the list at least 1X a day. Thanks!!!!

Lucky me get's to tackle this next big project!!!! Whee.....

The following paint names, I am in need of the paint codes!!! Please check your firewall dataplate & post the information that you have here.

1979: Please send me ANYTHING you have, except for White, Copper Metallic, and the Light Blue Metallic. The 79 US Sales Brochure does not list ANY paint names... Nice huh... :p :p

Taupe Grey
Light Blue Metallic (might be the same as 79)
Black Metallic
2-Tone Black Metallic/Silver Metallic (not the same as 81, different paint scheme).

Red Metallic
Beige Metallic
Taupe Grey
2-Tone Deep Red/Beige Metallic

Silver Grey Metallic (L-Type)

Haze Gray
2-Tone Haze Gray/Gray (L-Type)

None needed (Thanks Archie!!) :D

Light Blue (L-Type)

None needed (Thanks Archie!!) :D

If anyone can help me fill in the blanks on these paint codes, by checking your firewall dataplate, I would be much appreciated.

Again, PLEASE DO NOT rattle off the paint codes that are on the www.paintscratch website!!!! There are quite a few there that are incorrect!!!! I need verification from your firewall dataplate, thus I can be sure of it's accuracy!!

Thanks everyone!!!! :D
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:clap: right on Greg and Chris this just the info we need :worship:
I just did not know there was so many. 8)
PM'ed you Chris! But just in case....... metallic black paint code for 1981 MA47 is 6A5.
Thanks again Sam.

Bonus updates, thanks to a few PM's, and looking at the results from our favorite "SEARCH FUNCTION" for about 45 minutes. Thus the Search function results are now tapped out. Still need to hear from everyone.
Hey Chris:

My '84 is LT BLUE METALLIC with a paint code of 894.

Don L.
Thank ya, Thank ya....

List has been updated.
299 = Two-tone Red/Gloss Black (82)

does any one have a pic of this or know what the schem is.
Paint scheme. Everything above the "beltline" (above the side mouldings) is done in Super Red. Everything below the side mouldings, INCLUDING the fender flares (the entire flare), is done in Gloss Black. I "think" my 82 Brochure has a picture of this, I can't remember (the brochures are at home today).
red/black 82s

As a matter of fact Chris, there is approx 2 inches of Red below the side rub strips... and most unusual is the front bumper cover is not traditionally black surrounding the grille and fogs. See attached.

Yes the mk2 Geek convention is in-effect!

Thanks to Bill Loeffler for his gallery link.
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