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I have finally talked my girlfriend into getting rid of her pos chevy truck and talked her into getting a toyota truck for around her ranch. I am just looking for a good forum that I can go do some research on as to which one to get. I'd like her to get a 22r truck since those engines are very durable. she will be doing light towing and carring round bails in it (hay about 1200lbs a pop).

any information would be appreciated
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Toyota truck

Can't help with the forum, but here's my 0.02. I have owned over 60 cars & trucks since I got my license, and the only thing I have ever owned twice is a Toyota 4x4 pickup, and I am looking at getting another one now. In my experience, the things to watch for are:

1. In a rust belt climate, the FRAMES are prone to failure.
2. Blown headgaskets seem to be common in 22R engines ( i have 2 Celica parts cars with this problem, and I lost one of my trucks to that)
3. Carburetors will occasionaly start flooding for reasons I was never able to track down (both my trucks, and an 81 Celica I had)
4. HARSH HARSH ride in 4x4's with solid front axles.
5. Otherwise nearly indestructible. I had hammered on, berm jumped, and rolled my 4x4's, and like a Timex, "Takes a licking, and keeps on ticking"

I had a 84 truck 10" lift , broke all 4 cab mounts( right thru the floor) jumping it off road. most fun I ever had.
:lol: fun with exessive force, post pics if you've got 'em
I have a 90 toyota 4x4 pickup with the 3vze V6 3.0 rather than the 22R (you can see it below in my signature pic behind the MKII). It is a good strong motor, I use it for plowing my road in the winter, towing trees out of the woods, and anything end everything else. It has been a real workhorse for me. I know the 22R is a legendary motor indeed, but I would not rule out the 3VZE as a possibility as well.
my friend has a fairly hot 22r truck, ill try and get him to post on here.
he loves the thing, and yes, its harsh as hell with the solid front axle, but its also a tank... the thing rolled backwards, end over end down a hill once.
about 7 flips, and we rolled it back over, pushed the roof back out to shape, and drove back up the hill at a more severe cross angle. :)
Ive owned 3 early 80's 4X4's. The only thing bad about them is they are gutless. Like every motor the 22r has it quirks but I would not hesitate to get another. I like the 83 the best.

Make sure to check the timing cover. If the chain tensioner gets worn the plastic guides will break off and the chain will wear a hole in the side of the cover. There is a water jacket behind it and will cause your coolent to have a personality conflict (READ:Water in oil). I never had a BHG though.
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