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OT: My other car

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Had a question, and this is the only real place I know to ask it, so hopefully someone can give me some insight. I just picked up an 84 Trans Am, the 305HO is blown up, so on recomendation of a friend, I bought a 79 chevy 350 to put in it. Ive never done an engine swap in a GM before, nor have I tried to change from a stock to a different make. Any insight?? Also, the motor in it now is siezed, and since the torque convertor is bolted to the flexplate, is bolted to the engine, how am I supposed to turn it to remove the bolts to remove the engine?? Any help would be MUCH appreciated. This will be my daily driver when I start to restore my 82 P, which is in bad need of not being my daily driver anymore, so this does sort of relate to Supras... SAVE A SUPRA, HELP ME WITH A TRANS AM :)
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Not a GM expert, but I bet you can pull the converter out attached to the flex plate if you romove the trans mounts to get the right angle. You may have to pull them out as a complete assembly and deal with it out of the car. You could also probably yank the pan off and disco the rods or mains that are preventing it from turning over.
Pull the motor and trans as a unit,then seperate.You should be able to reach the T/C bolt with a light offset wrench then.
If the T/A has a 305,then it is the "Corporate" chev engine already,all the parts from the T/A should fit the 350.If it has the Poncho 301 or 350,you need a different trans.If it has the Olds 307 "Corporate" motor,"yes they did that also",the Poncho trans will also need replaced.Buick,Pontiac,Olds all had one bellhousing,Chev had another.Some cars came with a dual bolt pattern trans,though only some were stock,most were shelf items,so the dealers only had to stock one trans to fit all applications.
If you have the BPO engine in the car,you will also need Chev motor mounts to the frame and engine.If it's the Chev motor,all is well.Olds,and Pontiac engine to frame are also different.
Have I confused you yet? :roll:

HTH,I'll try to help if I can. :)

Ex derby driver,Figure 8 driver,Smash to pass driver.Done few of these type of swaps over the years,though I don't consider myself an EXPERT.
"I even have used BPO trannies on Chev motor,but thats another whole explanation,pain in the ass for a street car"
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id suggest just using a chevy TH350 or TH700 with the chevy engine, or swapping to a 4 speed.

but thats just my 2 cents :)

those old GMs got confusing, as Shawns post probably pointed out. ;)
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