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PA Supra owners, A Question?

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hey all you Supra owners in PA, i found an online site for Harry's U pull It Auto Salvage Yard in Hazelton, Allentown, and Pennsburg PA. Just wondered if anyone had used it and if they have any Supras on site(no actual list of cars on the website) I'd like to go looking for parts but would also like to make sure they have some supras there rather than driving for 3 hours only to find NO SUPRAS! And just to see if anybody has used this yard before and what you thought of it.
Thanks, Brian
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I've been to Harry's in Hazelton, and Supras are a rareity there. Once in a blue moon, you might get lucky and see an 82 to 85 Celica there.
The yard in Hazelton is huge, decent prices. They have specials on parts during the week and on weekends.

Joe B.
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